sean eddie and me a novel by paul leger
Paul Leger is a South African author of Sean, Eddie and Me and Roadkill

Set in a small South African mining town, against an Eighties backdrop of political and border conflict, Nick Theron fifteen, going on sixteen, is enjoying the freedom of
a typical white childhood. Until new boy Michael Dempsey arrives in town. Worldly, charming ... and sociopathic ... Michael sets his sights on the naive Nick and his friends, luring them into a game of emotional cat and mouse. Three decades later Nick returns to the town of his childhood, carrying with him a sense of heavy foreboding, finally ready to face the past.

A keenly-observed and entertaining novel about the relationships among a group of small-town youths from a dark era in South Africa's past, Sean, Eddie and Me is both a historical rendering - albeit with a satirical touch - as it is a psychological and social study. As such, a must-read for any South African who has lived through this period.