Roadkill is a novel by Paul Leger
Paul Leger is a South African author of Sean, Eddie and Me and Roadkill

Exhibit 1. A jogger attracting flies at the side of the road. 
Exhibit 2. Three soon-to-be deceased middle-aged white males. 

Steve and Tarryn Aldridge’s roadtrip to Kruger Park isn’t going to plan. They have a small problem: a dead body to dispose of. Easier said than done. Waiting up ahead … an unhinged cop seeking redemption, a gold-toothed life insurance salesman, a cluster of ex-security operatives, and a dog called Adolf. They’re all on a mission, they all have an agenda, and they’re all about to T-bone at a rural backwater.


A crime caper inhabited by a cast of social misfits, Roadkill is
Herman Charles Bosman on steroids. Set in a dusty dorp where SA’s dodgy past has taken up residence in post-Apartheid small town suburbia, where the innocent have become guilty by association, the result is a fender-bender of one-part character study, one-part crime story, one-part belly-ache satirical comedy.